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Adult Orthodontics

Braces and other orthodontic treatments are not just for kids! Many adults and even seniors are enjoying the benefits of having the healthiest and best-looking smile of their life through orthodontic treatment.


In most cases, adult orthodontic treatment is not simply about the cosmetic benefits or aesthetics of having straight teeth. Straight teeth also mean a properly aligned jaw, and a healthier smile and body all-around. Teeth that are aligned are easier to clean, preventing cavities and other dental issues. Aligning the jaw can reduce and even eliminate bruxism and symptoms of TMD disorder, which includes painful and/or loud clicking in the jaw.

Best of all, your teeth are straight, and you can be proud and confident showing off your smile. The confidence that comes from a healthy, straight smile can help you make your best impression in your career and personal relationships.

Types Of Braces & Adult Orthodontics

We offer a variety of adult orthodontic treatments at our Denison office, including:

Orthodontic treatments for adults are equally as effective as for children. The only difference typically is the length of treatment time, which may be a bit longer for adults.

Typical treatment time for adults is anywhere between 6 and 12 months for limited treatment, and 18-30 months for comprehensive treatment, with most cases completing in under 2 years.

Cost & Insurance Coverage

Orthodontic consultations are always 100% free at Beautiful Smiles Ontario , and do not require a commitment to start treatment. During your consultation, a member of our staff will carefully review your customized treatment plan. Our treatment estimates are comprehensive, and include all elements of treatment from start to finish.

Whether or not you have dental insurance, we offer convenient payment schedules to help ensure your investment in your future is also a a manageable part of your monthly budget.

How Do I Know If I Need Orthodontic Treatment?

We recommend regular dentist visits to find and address any orthodontics problems you have. Visit an orthodontist for a more in-depth assessment if you notice any of these issues:

  • Protrusion of teeth

  • Difficulty chewing or biting, biting the insides of the lips or mouth

  • Crowding or extra spacing between teeth, difficulty flossing or brushing due to crowding

  • If you are hiding your smile because of crooked, misaligned or protruding teeth, or feel that these issues have caused you to potentially miss out on social or career opportunities

Where Can I Get Orthodontic Treatment In Ontario,CA?

We are proud to offer all levels of orthodontic services in our Ontario,CA office, including traditional and clear braces. Dr. Hosny is certified in Orthodontics by the American Orthodontic Society and is accepting new patients.

Orthodontic Consultations For Adults

Orthodontic consultations at Beautiful Smiles Ontario are always complementary and require no commitment other than your desire to envision your smile’s full potential. Consultations typically do not require a large time commitment.

In your consultation, your orthodontist will:

  • Check the number of your teeth to determine if there are missing or extra teeth

  • Check your bite for any problems: anterior crossbite, posterior crossbite, overjet, overbite, underbite, open bite

  • Check for alignment problems, spacing, crowding, impacted teeth

  • Check for gingival and periodontal disease to make sure your gums are ready for orthodontic treatment

  • Make time for any questions you may have, including an in-depth discussion about their observations and any treatment recommendations.

Alternative Treatment Options

Braces are the most common type of orthodontic treatment. Braces are a series of brackets that are carefully measured and fixed to the teeth, and connected with wires designed to align and move the teeth. Beautiful Smiles Ontario offers traditional metal braces, as well as ceramic or tooth-colored brackets and wires that are designed to be more discreet.

FAQ About Adult Orthodontic Treatment

Do I really need braces or orthodontic treatment?

As adults, we may have grown accustomed to how our smile looks, or to adjustments we make to accommodate a misaligned bite such as avoiding certain foods, or even hiding our smiles. While orthodontic treatment typically does have a distinct and cosmetic or aesthetically pleasing result, treatment is also often necessary to correct jaw alignment, crowding, gaps, or other issues that can have lifelong positive impacts on your health and wellbeing, as well as your career and social relationships.

Have additional questions about braces or orthodontic treatment? Call us today!

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